BYD India launching its Luxury Electric Sedan BYD Seal on 05 March 2024

BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a Chinese automaker company that has headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The company has diversified its business and selling vehicles under the BYD brand. Founded in 1995, BYD started as a battery manufacturer and entered in automobile sector in 2003.

BYD is dedicated to creating a truly zero-emission ecosystem offering technology for solar electricity generation, energy storage to save that electricity and battery-electric vehicles powered by that clean energy.

Keeping the clean energy motivation BYD has launched its two electric vehicle models in India which are ALL New e6 and BYD ATTO 3. Along with these two BYD is launching its all-new BYD SEAL electric car in India on 05 March 2024.


  • All-wheel Drive
  • Reach 0-100 speed in just 0.3 sec
  • CBT (Cell-to-body) Technology
  • Claims 700 Km drive range on a single charge.

This BYD electric car is boosted with an all-wheel drive feature, which makes it a faster electric car that reaches 0-100 speed in just 0.3 seconds and claims a driving range of 700 Km on a single charge. This is the third new passenger EV launch from BYD India.

Image credit : BYD India

This BYD seal electric car has Indian specific dashboard board with an innovative technological display. Now customers get access to new technology from BYD high-quality and its revolutionary ultra-safe blade battery, e-platform 3.0, which is specially designed for next-gen electric cars and other mobility innovations.

CTB Technology of BYD (Image credit: BYD)

BYD Seal is the first to use CBT (cell-to-body) technology, which allows the battery to be integrated into the body. This means the electric battery is an integral part of the chassis. This will help to improve the vehicle’s stability, handling, and performance.

BYD seal CBT (cell to body) technology improves the structural ability to sustain the load of a 50-ton heavy-duty truck rolling test.

With the integration of body to cell the torsional stiffness of the whole vehicle has doubled to above 40,500 N.m/°. Also, the safety interior structure of the vehicle is increased by 50% for front-side impact and side impact by 45%.

The CBT technology of BYD Seal gives ideal weight distribution on the axles 50:50 which makes the car pass the moose test at 83.5 km/h. With an aero drag coefficient of merely 0.219 Cd, BYD Seal can hit 0-100 km/h speed in just 3.8 seconds and also has a range of up to 700 km on a single charge.

BYD Seal is the third electric car after the success of the All-new e6 electric MPV and BYD ATTO 3 E-SUV, Both of which are already on sale.

The BYD Seal is expected to be priced from Rs 60 lakh (ex-showroom) onwards.

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