Pravaig Defy Electric SUV in 2024

Pravaig Defy

DEFY is an electric car designed and produced by Pravaig Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. This is a powerful long-range electric car. This is made in Indian electric SUVs designed for Indian off-roading and urban drives.

This Pravaig Defy electric SUV with 4-seater capability and it has an all-wheel drive system. It has the most powerful battery and it gives a drive range of 500+ as per the company specifications.


Image credit: Pravaig

Pravaig Defy Electric SUV Technical Specifications

  • Lithium-Ion Battery With 90.9 Kwh Capacity.
  • All-wheel drive, Dual Motor 620 Nm Torque.
  • Electric Drive Range Of 500+ Km.
  • Dual 150 Kw Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors.
  • Can Reach A Speed Of 0-100 Km/H In Just 4.9 Seconds.
  • 210.2 Km/H Top Speed.
  • Fast Charging 80% In 30 Minutes.

Battery And Motor

Pravaig Defy Electric SUV in 2024

Pravaig Defy electric SUV has a lithium-ion battery with up to 5 modules and 5000 hardcase cells. The battery capacity of 90.9 kWh. With 9 layers of safety and a decade of innovation in batteries, Pravaig is one of the safest and most high-performance battery manufacturers in the world.

Pravaig Defy electric SUV car has dual 150 kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors. This makes DEFY a Powerful, seamless, and efficient electric car.

All-wheel Drive

Automatic transmission and AWD-I All-wheel drive DEFY electric car can reach 0-100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. Pravaig DEFY electric SUV car gives a top speed is 210.2 Km/h.

The dual electric motors, generate a total power output of 300 kW with 620 Nm of torque. With 404 bhp delivered to all 4 wheels.

An advanced cooling system helps maintain performance and consistency during both spirited driving as well as a wide range of climates.

Drive Range

Pravaig Defy electric SUV car gives a driving range of 500+ Km. DEFY electric car can reach a distance of 500 Km in just a single charge of the battery pack. This makes it a long-range sport utility electric vehicle of India.

DEFY charging capabilities

Pravaig Defy electric SUV Equipped with both home charging & fast charging solutions, you can charge Defy with ease at home charger will give a significantly high charge rate of up to 7.2 kW, which will do a typical top-up of 300 km in 8 hours.

Pravaig is partnered with all the leading charging infrastructure providers, with thousands of chargers available at the tap of a button on the MultiFace.

DC charging system, Defy charges with up to 150 kW chargers at most high-power charging stations. Fast charging 80% in 30 minutes.

DEFY electric car can be charged 0-80% in just 30 min with the fast-charging feature.

With all the above technical features Defy electric car offers some advanced features which are as follows.

Defy is pure electric SUVs

Pravaig Defy electric SUV car only use electric energy for propulsion. This means this can be driven only by electric energy.

Key Features Of DEFY

  • Exteriors Design
  • Interior Design
  • Advance Feature Onboard
  • Safety
  • Charging Infra & Connectivity

DEFY Exterior

Pravaig Defy Electric SUV in 2024

Image credit: Pravaig

Advanced Aerodynamics

Pravaig Defy electric SUV has an advanced aerodynamic design. Due to this aerodynamics, it has a drag coefficient of 0.33. These aerodynamic effects include front and rear-roof spoilers and bulging side skirts. We aimed to make shut lines as flush as possible, and the Defy’s overall shape cuts through the air.

Panoramic moon roof

Pravaig Defy electric SUV has an electric Panoramic moon roof in the Front or rear. In rainy or sunny – the sky is always within your reach. With a curtain to block out harsh sunlight in the peak of summer, gain Vitamin D daily and keep you toasty in the winters.

Feel the rain splatter without getting wet, and get engulfed in mists of clouds.

The mountains, beaches, and dense cities are never the same with an added dimension.

DEFY Interior

The interior has sustainable fabrics (RPET)-Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate this type of recycled fabric. This is an eco-friendly material used everywhere, and this feels better than premium leather.

Display with multiple functionality

This electric SUV has a brilliant 15.6” display on the dashboard with a smooth touch screen with a multiface, advanced, and expandable infotainment system.

With this display can browse the internet and navigate the roads. Also, we can customize the app tray as needed.

Multiface Navigations helps to find the routes for your journey or to find convenient routes. This also helps to find the charging stations near you and explore more.

This SUV is equipped with ultra-fast 5G and seamless connection making Multiface an extension of your digital self.

This electric car has a board gaming system which allows users to play multiple games. There are games on the board like chess, Pacman, etc.

Zero-G seat

Pravaig Defy electric SUV is extremely comfortable and designed for the greatest posture support and safety. Inspired by the best aircraft seat designs.

The cushioning and support provide the most enjoyable seating experience by lowering the pressure peaks.

These seats can be adjusted for electronic adjustment and ventilations as standard, they adopt the temperature of the cabin automatically.

Dynamic Instrumentation

Along with the dashboard screen, this EV has a dynamic instrument cluster with bold imagery, high contrast, and deep blacks, displaying a wide range of relevant information such as date, time speed, ODO, charge status, map, entertainment, and driver assistance data.

Adopted to the driving modes, the cluster reflects the true state of driver intent at all times.

Implosive Sound

Pravaig Defy electric SUV has a best-in-class sound system unleashing the physical impact of high-end, ultra-dense sound with more power, clarity, and precision than any other.

This gives an incredible listening experience for Defy with their signature implosive sound.

Exclusive technology from Devialet, leaders in professional audio equipment made for the French Opera. With the Devialet ultra-dense sound system, feel the music, like never before. Feel the sound with sub-20Hz bass and a 3d soundscape.

Advance Features on Board

Acoustic Control

The interior has an outstanding level of acoustic comfort with Active Noise Suppression, Cancellation, and Gain.

Make crystal clear phone calls and enable digital privacy walls, defy is the choice of the security-minded.

Advanced Filtration

Pravaig Defy electric SUV has Advanced Filtration which allows you to spend more time inside the SUV in a dust environment.

This Advanced Filtration removes dust, microparticles, pollen, and other substances that are harmful to the human body.

Climate control

Pravaig Defy electric SUV has an Automatic climate control system with temperature settings accessible from the front and rear. The in-built sensors make managing the quality of comfort seamless.

An innovative directional venting device lets you fine-tune the precise airflow across the cabin. With the electric compressor and resistance heater get precise control of the temperature with extreme performance in the hottest conditions.

Architectural lighting

Unlike any other, architectural lighting is reminiscent of architecture and large spaces. Defy utilizes passive ambiance with large glows and diffusion across the massive interiors. It changes colors and intensity to suit your mode.


This Pravaig Defy electric SUV has a whole new way of accessing your car.  This EV is sleek and smooth to fit in the slimmest wallet keycard.

The optimum convenience and security, the exclusive Pravaig Keycard unlocks all gates with one tap. Use the same cards across all charging infrastructure and future Pravaig models and services.

15” mirror

Advanced reflective surface which in real time brings forth 99.9% of the photons that travel to it. With cutting-edge ray tracing capabilities, it functions even in the harshest environments.

All that with no additional energy drain on the battery of the car, it is an incredibly efficient high-technology solution for everyday needs

Charge all devices

High-speed wireless chargers and 2x ultra high-power delivery USB C ports come standard for charging devices even to the size of laptops.

Digital Twin, in your pocket

Enjoy a truly connected experience with the Pravaig App – the ultimate integration between Defy & your mobile. Access Defy and its features with a single tap from your phone.

Access your Defy without the Pravaig Keycard. The Pravaig app also provides information about Defy and allows you to interact with it even when you are not in your vehicle.

Climate control, Ambient lighting, Seating comfort, track your vehicle from anywhere/Vehicle Locator, Remote Lock/Unlock, Trip Tracking, Tow & Theft alert, Vehicle Status Check.

Get updates on the health of your vehicle, schedule service pick-ups, and get roadside assistance. And more.


A receptacle that allows you to store packaging and temporary items to be recycled and/or discarded further. This advanced 3D cuboid makes use of extreme sealing to prevent olfactory exchange with passengers and the discards. Ensuring a cleaner environment for the Indian cities with no energy draw on the battery. Planet saving device


  • Race-ready roll cage chassis
  • High-performance braking system
  • Adaptive LED Headlamps
  • Multivac
  • 360-degree cameras
  • Radar
  • Exhaustive Location Sensor Suite
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • 6 airbags standard

Race-ready roll cage chassis

Pravaig Defy electric SUV chassis serves as the foundation for the high-end performance vehicle. Superior safety, passenger comfort, and driving pleasure are achieved effortlessly.

It is a specially engineered and constructed frame built with Ultra high strength steel, to protect its occupants. It performs particularly better than any other global car in production in case of a rollover.

High-performance braking system

Great power needs the best breaking system to come to rest. Defy comes with a Hydraulic Disc Brake with Vented Rotors to ensure the efficacy of the brakes through the lifetime of the vehicle.

With ABS and ESP, the braking systems ensure the best performance in the most demanding conditions. Short stopping distances, effective control, and maximum durability even under extreme stress.

Adaptive LED Headlamps

The high-power LED projector adjustable headlamps in Defy alleviate the strain of driving long distances at night. With industry-leading light throw you can see the road surface and all hazards better.

The high efficiency of the high-power LED system allows for added range. With the unique open architecture with age, the lights stay crystal clear and good as new throughout their long lifetime


MultiVAC is an extremely powerful computer that is the master brain of your Defy. It is so powerful that in 2024 it would’ve been the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Imagine that power in your Defy.

It is constantly updated with software, and along with the hardware suite, it runs advanced driver assistance applications from Pravaig.

As an example, these applications help you with automated parking, avoiding objects and other vehicles automatically, automatic emergency braking, and making sure your Defy does not veer off course. The system runs the Pravaig Chaos Engine which is built with the chaotic road conditions of India, to increase safety, every day.

360-degree cameras

Defy has a class-leading 8 Camera sensor array. Now see more even in the most demanding conditions.

These high-resolution cameras provide exterior perspectives as well as a 360° overhead view of your Defy, allowing you to confidently navigate in tight parking spots.


A 77GHz solid state radar penetrates fox, mist, and rain to warn you of any imminent obstacle or object. With Future software updates, Pravaig will enable Automatic Emergency Braking across all Defy vehicles utilizing this radar.

Exhaustive Location Sensor Suite

2x Global Positioning Systems for understanding where Defy is in the world.

3x Inertial Measurement Units for understanding which direction is the speed vector.

2x Gyroscopes for understanding and cross-checking 3 Dimensional forces applied.

Ultrasonic sensors

12 ultrasonic sensors around the periphery of the Defy ensure 360-degree coverage. With high accuracy, these sensors can detect objects, humans, and animals if any near your Defy. At low speeds, this augments your senses and ensures you have a full sense of the surroundings for any tight maneuvers.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

Ensuring optimum range and comfort, Pravaig’s TPMS is a pair of sensors that provides real-time monitoring and alerts whenever the tyre pressure is either high or low. The TPMS has high accuracy, is sturdy, and extremely long-lasting. Maintaining the ideal tyre pressure on the Defy is a breeze.

6 airbags standard

All sides are protected with individual airbags in all captain seats. Front passenger side and driver airbags for safety come standard. The highest quality airbags from the most experienced suppliers in the world, built on many decades of ensuring safety for you and your family. Defy is one of the safest cars on global roads.

Charging Infra & Connectivity

  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Connectivity Package

Charging Infrastructure

Equipped with both home charging & fast charging solutions, you can charge Defy with ease. The optional home charger will give a significantly high charge rate of up to 7.2 kW, which will do a typical top-up of 300 kms in 8 hours.

Pravaig is partnered with all the leading charging infrastructure providers, with thousands of chargers available at the tap of a button on the MultiFace.

Use the Pravaig Keycard to pay at the station and charge and go to the supported advanced stations. Thanks to the powerful DC charging system, Defy charges with up to 150 kW chargers at most high-power charging stations. Thus, many times faster than a conventional household socket and one of the best globally.

Connectivity Package

5G Connected Car Features and Services. Persistent 5G network for your vehicles everywhere in India.

No need to fiddle with any networks/WIFI, Defy is always connected and provides ultrafast 5G streaming and navigation.

The First Year is included in the base price with options to extend the connectivity package for a seamless experience, even up to 5 years.

Pravaig Defy

Pravaig DEFY price in India starts at Rs. 39.50 Lakh.