What are the benefits of hybrid electric cars?

The hybrid electric car is a combination of a conventional internal combustion engine car and an electric car. There are different benefits of these hybrid electric cars. Following are some benefits of hybrid electric cars.

Fuel Efficiency

  • Hybrid electric vehicle energy efficiency and optimization system allows the optimal use of internal combustion engine by operating engine it in its most fuel-efficient range. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in highway driving conditions.
  • Hybrid electric vehicles can achieve higher fuel efficiency than the internal combustion engine by using an electric motor during acceleration and at lower speed requirements in stop-and-go traffic.

Lower Emission

  • Hybrid electric cars using both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor produces lower emissions as it uses electric power during acceleration, lower-speed traffic, and idling situations. This reduces greenhouse gases and helps to improve air quality.
  • By using electric power in urban areas helps mitigate the environmental impact of stop-and-go traffic.

Regenerative Braking

  • The regenerative generative system helps to improve efficiency by converting kinetic energy into electric energy which is charged onboard the battery pack.
  • Hybrid electric vehicle uses a regenerative braking system which helps to charge the battery pack of a hybrid electric vehicle. This helps to save fuel.

Drive range

  • Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) help to improve drive range more than battery electric vehicles and offer flexibility to operate on both fuel and electric power.
  • The internal combustion engine ensures that is not limited by the availability of charging stations. Suitable for long-distance travel.

Reduced Noise Pollution

  • Due to lower mechanical elements hybrid electric cars are more quitter in operation and environment-friendly operations.
  • Provides more quitter operations when they are solely on electric power only. Which helps to reduce noise pollution in urban areas.

More resale value

  • Hybrid cars give more resale than value than traditional gasoline.

Lower Maintenace

  • As there lower mechanical and moving part these electric cars need a low maintenance cost.
  • In all electric and hybrid electric cars regenerative braking helps to reduce wear of brake pad and hence it helps to reduce the cost.

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